Here is the code (CRDaytonapb)  to use at to get 5% off the price of your purchase and 5% to go into the Daytona Pickleball fund.  At the end of the year, Pickleball Central will send us a gift certificate that can be used on balls and paddles for our youth program.

What is pickleball?

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           March calendar  monitoringof City Island tennis courts.

                   Time lapse video of courts being built in Prescott AZ.

      Click to see article onimpact pickleball has/had on the city of Naples.

    Click to see aerial view of courts at City Island and city of Daytona Beach.  We have gotten 3 bids to convert these 6 tennis courts to 18 pickleball courts : $30,000, $40,000,  $42,000.  Not much money to spend for what pickleball will add to downtown Daytona Beach.  However,  in order to have a 1st class complex where we could have many large tournaments a year, several amenities would need to be added which would increase the cost.  We have donors who are interested in helping to fund this project, some large and some small.

Write our city council  showing your support to convert the City Island tennis courts to pickleball courts and bring some fun, fitness and revenue to our down town. If your residence is Daytona Beach, be sure to mention that.

       Eighteen to 24 courts appears to be a magic number for being able to hold large tournaments.  The East Coast of Florida is in need of a complex where large tournaments can be held .  Daytona Beach would be ideal: strategically located, world's greatest beaches, and a welcoming community. .

        ( Click here for construction and cost of conversion.)


      Click on the following cities to see how pickleball has grown in areas comparable to the Daytona Beach area (pop 84,500).  Daytona Beach is a great destination and pickleball can be a positive influence to our city as it has been in Bend, Oregon(pop. 81,236)and St. George, Utah (pop. 76,817), Naples FL (pop. 22,000).  Respective counties:  Volusia (500,800), Washington (165,954), Colliers (338,728).

​​---USAPAranking guide. 

---USAPA places to play around the country.

​---History of pickleball.  

Griffen GA  has begun their construction of 18 new courts, a complex that will be one of the best in the country and will be ready for Regionals in October. Click here to read what the Georgia Ambassador says about this new complex.